Genuine prgue ham 80 gr

with mustard and horseradish

175 Kč

Roasted home - made sausage 150 gr

mustard, horseradish, bread

175 Kč

Caprese 180 gr

mozzarella, tomatoes, basil

195 Kč

Bruchetta pomodoro 150 g

bread, tomatoes, garlic. basil, ol. oil

155 Kč

Roasted pickled peppers 140 gr

with garlic  and fresh cheese

175 Kč


Italian minestrone soup

95 Kč

Soup of the day

95 Kč

Goulash soup

served in home made bread

185 Kč

Mixed salad 80/200 gr

tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad, carrot

125 / 225 Kč

Baked goat cheese salad with fig balsamic vinaigrette 170 gr

rucola, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes

265 Kč

Almond chicken salad 250 gr

chicken, linseeds and sesame seeds, pepper, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, black olives, rucola, mixed salads, turmeric (curcuma) and almonds

290 Kč

Caesar salad with roasted chicken 250 gr

romaine salad, chicken, dressink, parmesam, bacon

290 Kč

Shopsky salad  80/ 180 gr

tomatoes,ccucumber, peppers, onion, ol. olil, fresh cheese

165/ 295 Kč


Spaghetti al pomodoro fresco a basilico

cherry tomatoes, fresh basil 

230 Kč

Tagliatelle alla bolognese

minced meat, tomatoe sauce

255 Kč

Spaghetti alla carbonara

egg - cream sauce, speck, peccorino chesse

265 Kč

Penne pollo e spinaci

chicken, spinach, cream sauce, parmesan

255 Kč

Pennete al salmone

salmon, lemon, shallot, cherry tomatoes, marsala wine sauce

275 Kč

Tagliatelle con pesto alla genovese

basil, nuts, peccorino, parmesan, olive oil

250 Kč

Tagliatelle al funghi porcini con pancetta e gorgonzola dop

wild mushrooms, gorgonzola, bacon, parmesan, cream sauce

285 Kč

Tagliatelle con gamberi, porcini, mascarpone, e crema di tartufo

shrimps,wild mushrooms, mascarpone, truffle cream

345 Kč

Lasagne all emiliana

minced meat, bechamel, parmasan

295 Kč

Penne quattro formaggi

mozzarela, ricota, grana padano, brie

245 Kč

                                  Czech cuisine

Breaded fried cheese 200 gr

with boiled potato and tartar sauce

245 Kč

Fried chicken shnitzel 200 gr

with mashed potatoes

275 Kč

Traditional czech beef goulash  200 gr

with bread dumplings and onion

275 Kč

Country- style roasted pork knuckle 600 gr

bread, mustard and horseradish

395 Kč

Juicy pork ribs in honey - herb marinade 450 gr

bread, mustard, horseradish

345 Kč

Griled prague ham 200 gr

with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber

265 Kč

Confit of duck leg 280 gr

with potato dumplings and red cabbage

385 Kč

Chesse bacon burger with fries and ketchup

150 beef patty, cheese mix, caramelized onion, bacon, fresh tomato, lettuce, mayo, bbq sauce, french fries

325 Kč

Roasted chicken breast with cream basil sauce 200 gr

with baked potatoes and brussels sprout

325 Kč

Ossobuco- braised cross-cut veal shank 300 gr

with mashed potatoes

450 Kč

Grilovaný Angus ryb-eye steak 250 gr

with green pepper sauce, baked potatoes, salad

545 Kč

Grilled salmon steak 200 gr

with vegetable

395 Kč

Fried calamari 250 gr

with mayo

350 Kč

Grilled calamari  250 gr

with garlic and parsley

350 Kč

Boiled potatoes 100 gr

60 Kč

 Baked potatoes and brussels sprout 100 gr

75 Kč

French fries 100 gr

65 Kč

Red cabbage 100 gr

65 Kč

Grilled vegetables 150 gr

195 Kč


30 Kč

Extras - mayo, ketchup, parmesan

35 Kč